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Featured Business: LogicalTech
Mobile Development Services Directory

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LogicalTech use specialised mobile development software called Pyxis Mobile which can develop a vast array of mobile applications. No matter what platform you’re looking to have an application designed for, LogicalTech will be able to provide you with a professional and affordable solution that you won’t be disappointed with.

The fantastic team at LogicalTech can supply iPhone Development Services that are second to none, utilising every feature and piece of hardware, LogicalTech can truly come up with an iPhone application that will put your business in front.

As well as the iPhone, LogicalTech also specialises in high quality iPad Development Services so if you’re looking for a company to design and build a truly ground-breaking iOS application then you can’t look past LogicalTech.

With LogicalTech’s Mobile Development Services, you can build and deploy mobile applications that:

  • Utilize all of the device’s capabilities and features such as camera, GPS, etc.
  • Create higher quality images, photo galleries and videos
  • Provide offline functionality for users who are out of 3G or WiFi network coverage
  • Integrate with device hardware and operating systems for complex functionality, such as augmented reality

LogicalTech also have teams that specialise in Blackberry Development Services and Android Development Services so for all your mobile development needs in Australia, LogicalTech will have it covered.

Mobile Development Services Directory

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Mobile Development Services Directory

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